Concordium brings social media profile verification tool


Zug, Switzerland: Concordium, a Layer 1 science-backed blockchain has launched – a new social media profile verification tool.

The company said its new tool will provide users with a secure and reliable way to verify their identities. Built on Concordium’s unique identity protocol, is free to use tool and allows for high levels of privacy, verifiability and transparency.

Digital identities created via are stored exclusively in a user’s wallet, unlike how Web2 technology companies use the traditional data storing methods, the company said.

“The verification tool creates trust by authenticating user profiles, eliminating big tech’s grip on data, and handing control of personal data back to the user,” said Kåre Kjelstrøm, Chief Technical Officer of Concordium.

Initially available on LinkedIn, which currently hosts over 930 million members, will continue to add support for other major social media sites. functionality allows users to adopt a displayable badge on their profile that authenticates their identity. This synchronisation with LinkedIn is enabled through Concordium’s ID layer, which boasts zero-knowledge proofs and scientifically-backed cryptography: elements that ensure authenticity and privacy on an immutable blockchain ledger.

This use of decentralised technology for online ID verification eliminates the need to host users’ identities and sensitive information in centralised locations.

According to Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman of Concordium, fake profiles negatively impact social media users through identity theft, fraud, and scams; and centralised identity databases meanwhile are prime targets for hackers seeking to extract ransoms for lucrative, confidential data.

“Concordium open source blockchain and encryption technology brings decentralised storage systems that are more secure and scalable than any centralised system managed by big tech. creates the truest form of authentication, something evidently necessary in today’s digital world,” added Christensen, a community project launched on the Concordium blockchain, is available to all LinkedIn users. It can be easily accessed through the website, with the verification process taking minutes to complete.

Further to this, with the browser extension, users are immediately notified of the status of other profiles: unverified or authenticated.

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