Vatika Group enables its new smart homes with Amazon Alexa

Gurugram, India: Gurugram based Vatika Group has launched its smart homes concept in partnership with Amazon, where the real estate group will enable two mega township projects with Alexa. Vatika has introduced Amazon Alexa Smart Homes in two of their mega townships Vatika India Next and Vatika India Next 2 in New Gurugram. The group is a leading Gurugram based developer which has developed several townships Haryana and Rajasthan.

“Homebuyers are looking for convenience in everyday life. With Vatika Smart Homes you can now control your gadgets through a voice command or remotely through a mobile app. This concept is set to revolutionize the residential sector and we are happy to provide the same to Vatika buyers. Vatika Automated Smart Homes will be available in projects located in Vatika India Next and Vatika India Next 2 townships in New Gurugram,” said Anupam Varshney, Head – Sales & Marketing, Vatika Limited.

Vatika home buyers will experience the convenience of a voice-controlled Smart Home – Alexa Enabled. Alexa is a virtual assistant that follows instructions to control various devices/appliances at home. One can also control their home remotely from the phone making it a perfect control and command centre, even when residents are away. Some of the notable features of this technology are –

· Control your lights, fans, AC, TV, Home theatre & Set Top Box with voice command.
· Play the music of your choice or control volume by giving voice command to Alexa.
· Remotely control all your home devices through a Smartphone app.
· Manage appliances like AC, geysers, washing machine in your absence.
· When not at home, lights and appliances can be switched on or off as per schedule.

Smart home market opportunities for service providers is estimated to be over $21 billion by 2020, according to industry reports.

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