Jio can accelerate India’s inclusive development: Mukesh Ambani


Mumbai: With a pan-India 5G mobile network rollout plan by 2023 end, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries said, “Jio can accelerate drive India’s inclusive development.”

“Under Akash’s chairmanship, Jio is rolling out the world’s best 5G network across India, at a pace which is faster than anywhere in the world. Jio’s 5G deployment will be complete in 2023,” Mukesh Ambani said in a video message addressing employees and leaders across the company, its new businesses and initiatives on Wednesday.

While Ambani praised the entire Jio team for further consolidating the number one position in the digital connectivity business, he asked Jio Platforms to be ready now to drive India’s next big opportunity in the digital products and solutions space.

“But Jio Platforms should now get ready for India’s next big opportunity – to provide unique digital products and solutions to both domestic and international markets. Since every single village will have 5G connectivity, India has a historic opportunity to completely erase the rural-urban divide, which has plagued our country for so long,” continued Ambani.

“We can now ensure that no Indian will be deprived of access to high-quality education, high-quality healthcare and high-productivity economic activities. This is how, Jio can accelerate India’s inclusive development,” he said.

On the birth anniversary of his father and company’s founder Dhirubhai on Wednesday marked as Reliance Family Day, Ambani addressed his employees and leadership through a 15-minute video message.

In the video message shared with the media on Thursday, Mukesh Ambani spoke about how Reliance has grown and expanded like a banyan tree since its inception 45 years ago and tried to transform the lives of a number of Indians.

“Years will roll. Decades will pass. Reliance will continue to grow bigger and bigger, like the proverbial Banyan tree… its branches will spread wider, its roots will go deeper, and it will touch the lives of an ever-increasing number of Indians, enriching them, empowering them, nourishing them, and caring for them. But we will forever remember with gratitude our founder who planted this seed of this vatavruskh 45 years ago,” said Ambai.

“Our mission is to make India prosperous by building world class and world scale businesses and to bring happinesses to the lives of all India,” stated Ambani.

“This is when India is poised to achieve exponential economic growth. We can become a 40 trillion dollar economy by 2047 – the centenary of our independence in a sustainable and stable manner,” Ambani emphasized on India’s transformation and growth potential in the next 25 years.

“This goal is realistic and achievable because India is blessed with the power of young demography, power of matured democracy and the newly acquired power of technology,” he elaborated.

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