Racetrack.ai – Indian AI startup raises $5 million in Pre Series A funding

Bangalore: Racetrack.ai – India’s first AI innovation hub for sales and support, has recently raised $5 million funds. The list of investors’ participation includes both national and international names.

Racetrack.ai has an estimated worth of $21 million. In Pre-Series A, this AI startup has successfully raised a total of $5 million funding. The investors include Murali Krishna (Ex-President & Founding Member, Biocon), Dov Kagan (a renowned US based investor). The list also has names of investors from Singapore, Mauritius, and most of its existing investors.

“This is really an overwhelming and positive moment for all of us. We are now looking forward and are excited to announce our next overseas operation base in USA, Mauritius and Singapore,” said Subrat Parida, Founder & CEO Racetrack.ai.

“This move will help us delve into newer business verticals like retail, banking and healthcare. This boost in our physical presence will open new doors for us to partner with intercontinental brands and decision makers while helping us to create global footprint in the AI industry,” added Parida.

Being a pioneer in India’s AI sector, this AI startup offers two flagship products: MARVIN & TURING. While MARVIN is world’s first smartbot for sales and support, TURINGTM on the other hand is world’s smartest online & offline business accelerator that helps in better business planning and execution. With these two products, Racetrack.ai is targeting the fast booming $100 billion AI market. Investors are positive on their recent moves and have high expectations on Racetrack.ai.

As the global AI market is rocketing up, Racetrack.ai is focusing on business verticals like BFSI, Education, Health, Hospitality, and Real Estate. With the possibilities, capabilities, and scopes getting wider, Racetrack.ai is all set to expand its operation base to USA, Singapore and Mauritius.

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