YNOS Venture Engine raises ₹2.5 crore in seed funding

YNOS Venture Engine

Chennai: Business intelligence and analytics platform startup YNOS Venture Engine has raised ₹2.5 crore ($350,000) in seed funding.

YNOS Venture Engine- an IIT Madras Incubation Cell incubated startup will utilise the seed capital to further scale technology investments and strengthen ongoing business development activities.

Arun Jain, Lakshmi Narayanan, Sarath Naru, Prashanth Prakash, Madan Padaki, M. Srinivasa Rao, Shalini Chhabra, Prof. Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Samit Jain and Praveen Joseph are among the list of business leaders and entrepreneurs that have invested in the seed funding round.

Along with them, ZAR Business Partners LLP, Rickson Rodricks, Ajit Thyagarajan, Siddharth Ram Athreya, and Naresh Ranwah have also invested in this seed funding round.

“Our mission is to create a fundamental impact on early-stage ventures through our unmatched intelligence on the startup ecosystem. Most importantly, we target the big systemic challenges at the bottom of the startup pyramid,” said Prof. Thillai Rajan A., Professor-IIT Madras and Co-Founder YNOS Venture Engine,

“The versatility of our smart platform makes it a relevant solution not only addressing the pain points faced by early-stage entrepreneurs but also investors, institutions and all stakeholders who want to be engaged with the startup economy in the country,” added Prof. Rajan.

YNOS leverages technology, advanced data science techniques and marker analytics to provide customized insights and recommendations to startup founders, venture investors, innovators, and other stakeholders of the startup ecosystem.

These unique offerings have already onboarded more than 83,460 startups, 5,600 plus angels and over 1,500 venture capitalists & networks as part of their exhaustive intelligence.

“As one of India’s leading incubators with over 240 deep-tech startups, we are keenly aware of the challenges faced by early-stage technology entrepreneurs, especially in raising investment and finding matched mentors,” said Dr Tamaswati Ghosh, CEO – IITM Incubation Cell.

“Services offered by YNOS are addressing some of these critical issues and I am confident that they will create a strong impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in this country,” added Ghosh.

Early-stage entrepreneurs are often faced with multiple roadblocks, including limited knowledge of the market, competition landscape and finding investors who match the synergy and vision of their brand. YNOS strategically intervenes to help entrepreneurs accelerate this learning curve.

They also provide tools for venture valuation, expert subject matter consultations and a comprehensive IP engine providing solutions right from identifying to licensing intellectual property.

In a holistic bid to mutually connect alumni, investors, and entrepreneurs, YNOS’s digital platform enables strategic investment decisions.

“Starting with the competitive landscape and investor matching, YNOS can significantly help young entrepreneurs in building their ventures. The offerings leverage insights from several years of research on Indian venture industry and use of data sciences tools and techniques,” added R. Ramaraj, Angel Investor and Advisor – Elevar Equity.

Since its inception, YNOS has successfully acquired several prominent institutional incubators and extended its platform to the connected ecosystem.

The list includes IIM Kozhikode, BIMTECH, Noida; Confederation of Indian Industry (CII); IIT Patna; Pontaq Ventures; Karunya University; Accenture Ventures; School of Design Thinking; Startup TN; Arali Ventures and CIIE – IIM Ahmedabad.

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