Talentedge doubles revenue, over 17.5 mn learning hours consumed

Talentedge doubles revenue with over 17.5 million learning hours

Mumbai: Talentedge has doubled its revenue in the past two years with over 17.5 million learning hours consumed.

The edu-tech startup Talentedge said it witnessed a two-fold revenue increase in the past two years are mainly driven by the spike in enquiries, partnerships and admissions in 2020.

The year 2020 changed the way the world functioned but one of the most drastic transformations was felt in the education industry.

With some of the strongest partnerships with the most reputed Institutions in the higher-education sector, Talentedge has one of the largest array of industry-relevant courses across various disciplines and is one of the most respected organisations in the higher education and executive education space in India.

Talentedge claimed to be the first edu-tech startup to offer ‘Live & Interactive’ learning through the virtual class rooms to create greater accessibility to high quality education.

While there has been a lot of noise in the Edu-tech sector this year, Talentedge has been driving growth and democratisation of higher education and executive education under the radar.

While the edu-tech startup has been showing rapid growth over the previous years too, but in 2020, it added 15 new course offerings to its portfolio, taking the total number of learner centric courses to over 250.

Among them, some of the most preferred courses included HR, Analytics, Leadership, Strategy and Marketing.

Additionally, the edu-tech startup added over 8 premier institutions to its existing list of highly-reputed academic partners. It surpassed 17.5 million learning hours which stands testimony to the quality of learning imparted through its business model.

To position itself as the most trusted higher-education and executive education partner to the learners across various age-groups and at various stages of their careers, Talentedge is constantly adding various value-added services to its platform. As

The edu-tech startup believes in “Outcome based learning” and offers placement support so that the learners’ careers get a new lease of life as they earn their certifications.

An earlier report titled “National Employability Report”, published in 2019 showed the dismal level of employability of our engineers.

Through its proprietary research-led methodology, the edu-tech startup has been crafting its courses in partnership with the academic institutions and the industry together.

That has helped Talentedge to create a niche for itself through its offerings which help learners all across the country access the finest learning opportunities from the most reputed institutions.

While the tier l or metros cities have traditionally had a greater response to Edu-tech, the non-metro cities have also seen a spike in 2020 whereby 45% of Talentedge’s learners come from non-metro cities.

“We have already witnessed a shift towards digital learning by aspirational learners looking to widen their horizon through reputed institutions and our industry mentors.”

“While replicating the classroom learning environment in the digital world, we enable the students to have live and interactive sessions which allow active engagement and make the experience a fulfilling one,” said Aditya Malik, CEO and MD, Talentedge.

“Our focus has always been on offering the most relevant courses in partnership with the premier institutes in the country as well as the industry and all these factors cumulatively have made above 95% of our learners achieve better in their careers and their roles,” added Malik.

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