Automobile focused E-com startup Droom allots Rs 50 crore for its new AI Lab

Gurugram: Droom, one of India’s largest online automobile marketplace has launched its AI Lab. The AI Lab will leverage new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data to offer newer tools and solutions to enable trade for used automobiles.

For the AI Lab, Droom has allocated Rs 50 crore from its budget. Also, Droom’s AI Lab team is also working on several projects like Advance Alert System, which can alert customers when the car needs maintenance, based on the OBD data. Droom has also been improving its recommended engine system at the AI Lab for better references. To continually offer premium solutions, Droom has hired dozens of AI/ML experts and graduates from IITs, NIT, IIIT and NSIT.

“We are always committed to towards the best innovations we can bring to customers. We planned to continue operating in our investment and expansion and setting up our AI Lab is an integral part of the innovation. Technological advancements like AI, ML, and Big Data etc. are redefining next to every domain across the globe,” said Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Droom.

“With the ease in management of large data within a less time that AI and data analytics bring about, we at Droom are leveraging these to create new products and revamp the existing ones, thereby catering to our customer-base better,” added Aggarwal.

Droom is a five year old e-commerce startup focused on hyperlocal market in India.

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