Optinno Mobitech’s Mezo app helps to sort SMS smartly

Optinno Mobitech's Mezo app helps to manage SMS securely

Mumbai: Optinno Mobitech has developed a Mezo app that manages SMS in a smart and secure way. Mezo app from Optinno Mobitech is built with artificial intelligence (AI) that helps the mobile user in sorting incoming messages as personal, business, and bank statements.

Mobile users on a daily basis receive numerous unsolicited text messages or SMS of sales, marketing, promotions as well as spam text messages. This does not only disturbs the users but also there’s a high-security threat.

Because many of those spam text messages are embedded with unknown risky malicious viruses that are designed to exploit the device and extract user’s personal information and data from the phone device.

Besides, there’s likely a chance that important and relevant SMS will be lost among the spam messages in the inbox, which makes it hard for the user to find it. However, Mezo app has tried to address this very practical issue faced by most mobile users.

This unique app Indian app not only sorts SMS but also filters spams and helps to keep the relevant messages like financial transactions, bank statements secure. It reminds the user of utility bills and payments, doctor appointments, taxes, travels, and so on.

The Mezo app is backed with Artificial Intelligence-driven messaging that also works offline. It has a strong focus on user data privacy and security. For example, Mezo does not ask any mobile number or email registration as it always works in private mode.

All SMSes are processed offline on the device without uploading them to any server. It is powered with security algorithms to detect and filter phishing messages to protect the user against financial frauds.

The Made In India, Mezo App is a go-to source for any smartphone user to download and utilize a trustworthy and user/data-safety app. It has many feathers too like OTP flash, brand logos, tagging to bank accounts, SMS backup on Google Drive and dark theme.

Mezo is truly an indigenous app that fulfills local messaging needs much better and beats any top-notch SMS app by a margin. It is free and can be downloaded from Google Playstore.

Recently, TRAI had asked mobile operators to deploy blockchain or digital ledger technology (DLT) to ensure telemarketing messages are sent only to interested mobile but a petition was filed against the norm by a telemarketer.

Mezo app claims a 99% accuracy in filtering spam messages. Despite TRAI norms, mobile subscribers have still not got any respite from unwanted commercial calls and SMSes. So it is challenging to trace spammers who use special codes to send bulk text messages.

“Utility of SMS has evolved. With the paucity of time and heavy information overload, the SMS inbox needs an upgrade. Mezo promises to make life easier for busy Indians by smartly managing their SMS.”

“Early users tell us that Mezo has quickly become one of the most useful apps in their phone and they love the rich SMS experience,” said Sagar Bedmutha, Founder & CEO – Optinno Mobitech. “

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